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The latest book published by Austin Macauley in 2021 for Young Adults

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….Treasure Tree is mainly poetry…                                                                                                                         Mystery Tours is mainly story…
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About the author





Martin Smith has been a school-teacher in the U.K for many years. During that time he has written a selection of stories, dramas, poems and songs, partly for his own enjoyment but also in the hope of saying something worthwhile to others. His first book, Treasure Tree, was published by Onwards & Upwards.

Martin has often turned to the Bible for inspiration in his writing. Having been brought up to read and value the Bible, he has discovered its relevance to modern life along with the fascinating characters which inhabit its pages. However, he also writes about the world around him and those issues which affect people today.

Martin enjoys reading, listening to and playing music, and watching sports. He has occasionally travelled, including some years spent teaching in Africa. He is a member of his local church where he regularly plays guitar.







More info about:
Illustrated by Josh Williams
It all started the day Zoe set eyes on a strange new tree which had appeared in their garden overnight. Now she hadn’t been expecting that!
This was only the first in a number of mysteries which excite, challenge and puzzle Zoe and her brother, Joel, as they go on tour with Treasure Tree. No, they weren’t playing to packed houses every night, performing their latest hits! This tour was different, their audience historic, as they travel back in time to when the events of the Bible first took place. Read their dramatic account of what it was like to be scared by powerful plagues, daunted by a noisy giant, and soaked by a fierce storm. Oh, and there’s a lot more besides!
So why not jump on board these mystery tours
with Joel and Zoe and see where it takes you?
Price just £5.99 ISBN: 978-1-78815-710-0
This children’s story book is a follow-up to Treasure Tree, which was published about 5 years ago. Treasure Tree last time was almost all poetry; this book is mainly story-telling.
Available from Amazon in the UK and a number of other countries including France and U.S.A. Published by Onwards and Upwards: http://www.onwardsandupwards.org


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